Evening Primrose :: Revitalise



The fourth instalment in my series on Weleda’s Lead Plants brings me to the Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis), a plant reasonably well-known for its common use in treating menopausal symptoms – that was certainly my most basic knowledge of it, before I started learning more about this wonderful plant.

At its most basic, Evening Primrose is an herbaceous, usually biennial, flowering plant native to the Americas over a widespread area.  Like the Silver Birch I wrote about a few weeks ago, they are pioneer plants, being amongst the first to colonise an area – in particular recently disturbed and poor soil – growing where other plants might otherwise initially struggle.  It is called the “Evening” Primrose as it is one of a group of plants whose flowers open for pollination by evening and nocturnal insects such as moths and some species of bees.

“Although it grows on unpromising, dry and compacted soil, the evening primrose’s beautiful blossoms open up rapidly and completely, within a few minutes as dusk falls. They stay open for the entire night and the following morning, large golden blossoms illuminating the darkness of their surroundings and emerging beaming out of the darkness at dawn. In her growth and blossoming, the evening primrose connects the old day with the new.

– Weleda”

The Evening Primrose was used by Native Americans as both a food and medicinal plant, but it is only comparatively recently that it has been used as a medicinal plant across the rest of the world – having been popular as a “cure all” when introduced to Europe in the 17th century.  It is useful in treating itchy, inflamed skin (such as with eczema and dermatitis) and was also used to heal wounds.  There have also been indications it is also useful for treating pre-menstrual and menopausal symptoms, amongst other applications, although more study needs to be done.

As we age, we produce less of the fatty acids needed to maintain our skin’s balance of moisture and as a result, our skin may tend to become dry and struggle to maintain elasticity.  The oil extracted from the seeds of the Evening Primrose is high in omega 6 essential fatty acids such as Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA), one of the sources of the Evening Primrose’s effectiveness in supporting the skin, helping to protect it against moisture loss and promoting cell growth and regeneration.

product spotlight

“At a later stage in life, women often enter a period of re-orientation. After being involved in everyday life for decades and being fulfilled by its organisation, women may now seek new mental-spiritual dimensions. Just like the evening primrose has freed herself from the usual rhythm of the plant world, by coming into bloom as night falls, the mature woman detaches herself from her previous everyday life and seizes emerging opportunities. She puts her trust in her experience and intuition to lead her life as an distinctive individual with her own role and tasks to achieve.

– Weleda”

The Evening Primrose range is targeted at mature women in the 50+ age range, however, it is also helpful whatever your age if you are post menopausal, as the accompanying hormone changes can have an effect on your skin.

The range is naturally fragranced with cardamom, magnolia and sandalwood and the scent is floral and light, but gets deeper and more spicy post application.


Evening Primrose Revitalising Day Cream £25.95 & Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Night Cream £25.95

The Day Cream was the cream of choice for a client of mine (in her mid 50s) who had previously had many problems finding a suitable cream to use. She had gone through a series of creams, but had found that shortly after applying she would “break out in a sweat” and would have to wash it off.  She’d spent quite an amount of money trying different creams, but to no avail.  She booked a one-to-one skincare consultation and we explored some of the reasons she might be reacting in such a way and she enjoyed a complimentary facial using the Evening Primrose range and found that she didn’t react as she had done previously – yay (!) for Evening Primrose Revitalising Day Cream and Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Concentrate (and the Almond Soothing Facial Oil I use as part of the facials I do) that made such a difference for a previously frustrated client.

Recommended by Good Housekeeping Institute Readers, the Evening Primrose Revitalising Day and Night Creams are, in my opinion, the perfect choice for more mature skin.  The day cream has reports of 73% efficacy for skin appearing visibly more firm and 77% more even from surveys after 4 weeks of using the cream and has been awarded a “Janey Loves Platinum Award”.

Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Concentrate £35.95 and Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Eye & Lip Cream £25.95

As mentioned before, the Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Concentrate was “just the thing” for a client of mine who had previously struggled to find a facial skincare approach that works for her.  With the support of GLA rich Evening Primrose oil, moisturising and cooling Aloe Vera and invigorating Centella asiatica extract, the concentrate helps increase skin’s elasticity, lines appear reduced and skin more firm.  It is suitable for vegans.

Stop Press: Winner of the Beauty Shortlist 2017 Best Skincare Product (age 60+)

The Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Eye & Lip Cream gently moisturises the delicate area around the eye, helping to reduce puffiness and bags.  It has been clinically tested for efficacy and gentleness (even with contact lenses) and the results were 83% of testers found that the eye area appeared more smooth after 4 weeks of using the cream. The organic Evening Primrose oil is blended with Inca nut oil and extract of Centella asiatica to help boost collagen and cell growth.  It is fragrance free (save for the natural fragrance of the ingredients) and has a Good Housekeeping Intsitute Reader’s Recommend Award.

If you would like to try the Evening Primrose facial range, please either book a one-to-one skincare consultation with me, or order online and take advantage of the Mix and Match Skincare Offer and choose any 3 facial skincare products and save 15% (or take advantage of March 2017 offers listed towards the end of this article).  Contact me to place an order for you if you would like to try under the 30 day money back guarantee.



Jardin de Vie Onagre £19.95

“A subtly nuanced fragrance, interpreting the floral-fresh scent of blooming evening primrose flowers. At the heart of the fragrance, green-floral, exotic-sensual nuances of magnolia set powerful accents, while cardamom confers freshness to the top note. Soft, balsamic-woody notes of precious sandalwood give the composition depth and leave the skin with a mysterious, powdery soft scent. Let your unique radiance shine.”

I’m no professional fragrance reviewer, it always comes across a tad like wine-tasting (and much as I love a glass of wine, I don’t think I particularly have the talent for the description of the high, middle and low notes, although I understand the concept), BUT, I really like Jardin de Vie Onagre.  In my day-to-day life I tend to use the Wild Rose facial range (with the Almond Soothing Facial Oil and, occasionally the Pomegranate Night Cream), but when it comes to the Jardin de Vie fragrances, to my surprise it is Onagre (and sometimes Grenade) that really appeals to me (my teenage daughter prefers the lighter Rose – although admittedly I occasionally have a spray!)

Whilst writing this article I’ve had various Evening Primrose products out so the experience of using them is really fresh and I love the warm, floral spiciness of Onagre  (I keep having a quick sniff whilst I type).

I really recommend that, if you can, you take the opportunity to contact your local Wellbeing Advisor and sample the Jardin de Vie range to find what works for you – it’s really fantastic to have a range of natural fragrances available and I hope you find them as wonderful as I do.

Suitable for vegans.

Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Body Lotion £22.95 and Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Body Oil £22.95

The rich lotion is blended from organic evening primrose oil and shea butter and the luxurious oil (I’m a big fan of Weleda body oils – a little goes a long way) is a blend of organic evening primrose oil, jojoba and wheat-germ oil – all super skin-nourishing oils, perfect for helping support the firmness and elasticity of your skin.  As I have mentioned before, the natural fragrance combines cardamom, magnolia and sandalwood and is initially subtley floral, becoming, in my opinion more spicy and deep after application.

Both are gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

Evening Primrose Revitalising Body Wash £7.95 and Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Hand Cream £12.50

I love the Weleda body washes, there’s a good choice through the range and I find them creamy and my skin always feels fabulous afterwards (even before applying a lotion or oil).  The Evening Primrose Revitalising Body Wash is SLS and SLES free and contains sesame (that oil beloved of Ayurveda) and macadamia oil.  It has been awarded a “Best Buy” by Ethical Consumer.

The Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Hand Cream contains shea butter and organic evening primrose oil.  It’s easily absorbed and a popular choice for mature, dry hands.

Both are suitable for vegans.

March 2017 Offers

Alongside the Mix and Match Skincare Offer where you can choose any 3 facial skincare products and save 15% , March 2017 has the following offers:


Do contact me if you would like to book a 1-1 Skin Care Consultation or Wellbeing Event.  I have some limited availability through March 2017.


Please bear in mind that there have been some price changes at the end of January 2017.

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All images are courtesy of Weleda, unless otherwise stated.

Disclaimer: Information is correct to the best of my knowledge, but I cannot take any responsibility for any accidental error – I’m human! If you find an error, please do contact me and I’ll do my best to rectify it.  If you are vegan, or have any particular allergy, please take care to always double check ingredients.  Prices correct at time of original publication.

Wild Rose :: Smoothe and Pamper


With Valentine’s day fast approaching, “love is in the air” and the rose range is on my mind, so what better time than to explore the rose as one of Weleda’s “Lead Plants“?

The ubiquitous rose requires little introduction. From a practical point of view it is a perennial flowering plant found growing across much of the world and, as such, is well recognised.

“No other flower fascinates us as eternally as the rose.  It’s no wonder that the rose enjoys almost legendary status among flowers – even the ancient Babylonians cultivated rose blooms to produce scented ointments from their petals.  In early China roses were specifically grown in terraced plots, as they knew about their regenerating effect.  At the time of the great Emperor Charlemagne, people use rose petals for gargling and for healing baths.

– Weleda UK”

In Europe the rose is commonly associated with love and passion.  It was a flower sacred to Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love and beauty) and later became a symbol of the Virgin Mary (purity) and of the Resurrection.  Long recognised for its benefits to people, whether it be as a flavouring in food;  for health due to its calming, cooling, anti-inflammatory properties; or for cosmetic purposes; the rose is valued across the world.

The main roses used by Weleda in its Wild Rose range are the Rosa moschata or mosqueta (Musk rose) and the Rosa damascena (Damask rose).

“Balanced between beauty and strength, the inner values of rose plants are just as significant – and they are particularly strong in their wild forms. The wild rose easily keeps its balance between smoothness and robustness, demand and adaptability.  When cultivated, roses externalise their vitality and image of harmony through their singular beauty and bewitching scent.  Wild roses, on the other hand, internalise their life forces and develop the inner essences which create the valuable rosa mosqueta seed oil…

… The core rosa mosqueta oil soothes and smoothes the skin, while the scent of damask rose harmonises the mood.

– Weleda UK”

Rosa moschata rosehips

musk rose (rosa Moschata)

Rosa moschata provides the precious rosehip seed oil used in the Weleda ranges.  Rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and E, this oil helps to fight free radical damage and promote new cell growth.  With its exceptionally high amount of linoleic and linolenic essential fatty acids, it helps keep the skin well nourished and supports the skin in keeping its elasticity.  It is often used to help promote the healing of damaged skin and scars and is useful for skin complaints such as rosacea and acne.  Weleda sources its Rosa moschata from Chile.


Damask Rose (Rosa damascena)

The damask rose is a source of the rose essential oil used in the Weleda ranges.  It takes three million flowers to produce just one litre of rose oil – so it is a precious thing indeed, revered across the world and through history.  This oil has many therepeutic uses: the afore-mentioned cooling and antiseptic properties and its scent, the balancing and relaxing of the mood (it’s no wonder the rose is also associated with seduction).

Weleda sources its organic damask roses from Isparta in Turkey, as part of a project with a local distillery, and from the Dades Valley in Morocco as part of their commitment to sustainable and ecological management and fair trade (Weleda is a member of the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT).



There is both a comprehensive facial and corresponding body range inspired by the Wild Rose – so this is a bit of an epic listing, but please bear with me!

Although there is far more to the facial ranges than age, Weleda does give a guide and I am well into the age-range for the Wild Rose facial range.  This is a range I know well and use personally, along with the Almond Facial Oil and occasionally alternated with the Pomegranate range – I’m getting close to the ‘cusp’!

NB: However, I would always recommend that you take advantage of a skin consultation if you can, as I know people older than me who swear by the Iris range recommended for the 20s age range – it really does depend on your skin’s needs!  The Wild Rose Body Care Range is also my teen daughter’s range of choice for her bath and shower. I will be exploring these other ranges over the coming months.

I’ll lead with the body and finish with the facial.  If you have any further questions, do get in touch and I’ll do my best to help you.  Don’t forget that if you are local to Doncaster and would like to try any of the range first hand, I’m available for one-to-one consultations and Wellbeing events.

All the range is suitable for vegetarians, but I’ve specified, where applicable, if a product is suitable for vegans.


Wild Rose Bath Milk Weleda


Luxurious and relaxing – the perfect bath milk for laying back and enjoying some gentle self pampering courtesy of the blend of organic wild rose essential oil with jojoba and olive oils.

Also, don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit – I’ve mixed the rose with citrus bath milk at times, and at others, lavender, depending on what I fancy.

Suitable for vegans.



The Wild Rose body oil is an indulgent, pampering gift to your senses.  A luxurious body oil made from carefully blended almond and jojoba oil with the precious scent of wild roses.  It is one of three oils I regularly use here* and I use it when I feel in need of a bit of a “self-hug” – but it’s even better if you have someone to rub it in for you!

There has been some testing done on this oil and results were that, after 28 days, 26% skin was found to be smoother and 21% firmer.

Suitable for vegans.

NB: Mix the Wild Rose body oil with a little cream, or dairy-free sub to make a cream bath sub and/or add some drops to enrich the Wild Rose Body Lotion – mix and match and find what works best for you!

* The other two being the Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil and the Stretch Mark Massage Oil – although I do also have the Lavender Relaxing Body Oil – as it is useful for massaging fractious children – and the Calendula Baby Oil which is unfragranced and fantastic for so many uses)

Wild Rose Body Lotion WeledaWILD ROSE BODY LOTION £22.95

Prefer a lotion?  This velvety smooth lotion is a treat for your skin, leaving it beautifully soft.  This is my eldest daughter’s choice post-bath (and yes, I occasionally “borrow” it!)

Suitable for vegans.

Wild Rose Body Wash Weleda


Delicate and creamy rose scented body wash with skin-nourishing rose hip oil and the scent of damask roses.  It is SLS and SLES free.

NB: I decant some of this into a glass soap dispenser for use as a hand wash soap in the bathroom and toilet – heavenly!

Suitable for vegans.

Wild Rose soap Weleda


Creamy, luxurious Wild Rose scented soap.  I haven’t used this as I prefer using the body wash.  But it smells amazing!

Looking for a little fragrance?

Feeling rosy on this beautiful #fridaymorning 🌺🌺🌺

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The wonderful “Jardin de Vie Rose” fragrance is:

“… the scent of romance or poetry.  With gentle flowery rose and geranium and the hidden depths of exotic ylang ylang blossoms.

– Weleda UK”

The perfect fragrance to complement the Wild Rose body care range,  it is fresh and floral and will help you feel balanced and full of harmony.  It is the fragrance of choice of my eldest daughter and one I occasionally “borrow”, to give me a lift on these grey February mornings.

Wild Rose Deodorant Spray Weleda


Stay fresh and rosy with the Wild Rose Deodorant Spray – in a glass recyclable bottle, this deodorant is non-aerosol and aluminium free – the perfect accompaniment to the Wild Rose body range!

Suitable for vegans.

have I got a treat for you?


Throughout February 2017 you can buy the “Jardin de Vie Rose” fragrance plus the Wild Rose body oil for only £30.00 – a fabulous saving of £12.90 – whilst stocks last.  What are you waiting for?   Just add both to the basket to take advantage of the discount.


As I have said before, this is the range I personally use (alternated with the Pomegranate range  in the evening on occasion and in conjunction with the Almond Facial Oil for my dryer days, as I have a tendency towards dry skin and I suffer in the nip of winter!  My tip for those with a tendency towards very dry skin – layer up with that almond oil!)

There is an ongoing offer of Buy 3, Save 15% across the Weleda facial skin care rangeJust add three of the facial skin care range to your basket for the discount to be applied – you can mix and match!


Velvety smoothness with the divine scent of roses – this range is recommended for your 30s (up to 42 – an age range I am just about in) and I find the Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream such an uplifting cream to use in the morning – its scent makes me feel so happy!  I tend towards dry skin and this cream is perfect for normal to dry.  If you have normal to combination skin, I would suggestion the Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion instead.

NB: The Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion was named as a “Beauty Game Changer” by Teen Vogue (see links)


Rich night-time Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream to bring “roses to your cheeks in night’s secret hours”.  A heavier cream that works wonders on dry, thirsty skin whilst you sleep.  If you have a tendency towards very dry skin, you might want to use this as both your day and night cream.

The Wild Rose Smoothing Eye Cream is a gentle unperformed treatment for the delicate eye area, to calm any puffiness and bring back vitality to the tender skin around your eyes.  It contains Eyebright (Euphrasia) – a plant well known as beneficial for the eye area, along with delicate sweet almond oil and jojoba oil, so is a fantastic gentle treatment for tired eyes (and as a busy mum of four at home, my eyes get very tired!)

I love this range – it is an excellent fit for me as a (very) late-30-something. What really appeals is the HUGE range of options (although a hand cream would be nice… but hey, I use Skin Food and, well, it’s such a skin care star, I’m not sure I would swap!)

If you would like to try it for yourself, I offer one-to-one consultations in the Doncaster area with a complimentary Weleda facial and I would really enjoy helping you to find out if the Wild Rose range is the range for you!

Not only is rose included in the Wild Rose range of products, it is also found in the Everon Lip Balm (my resident children have one each – it’s a fab stocking filler – although, be warned, it smells amazing, so might be an idea to keep it away from toddlers – I speak from personal experience… thankfully I don’t have to worry about the ingredients in case of accidental eating… *sigh*) and our NEW range of Tinted Lip Balms (selling fast – so get yours now – may I recommend the fabulous offer of buy all 3 for £15.00 and get a pretty make-up bag free whilst stocks last!)

Rose can also be found in the fragrance blend for the Stretch Mark Massage Oil £16.95 – which smells incredible and has been tested as 77% smoother skin after four months – well worth considering this oil, regardless of whether you are concerned about stretch marks or not, as it’s such a lovely, rich oil to use and an absolute delight to the senses (it’s a favourite oil of mine – I’m smiling just thinking about the fragrance of it!)


And because I couldn’t resist – “La Vie En Rose” by Edith Piaf (my French great grandmother’s favourite singer)

Love to you all. xxx


All images sourced from Weleda UK unless otherwise credited.

Disclaimer: Information is correct to the best of my knowledge, but I cannot take any responsibility for any accidental error – I’m human! If you find an error, please do contact me and I’ll do my best to rectify it.  If you are vegan, or have any particular allergy, please take care to always double check ingredients.  Prices correct at time of original publication.